COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) construction delays and impacts in Ohio – what contractors can do now to protect their rights.

There is no single answer to the questions of what contractors’ rights are and what must be done to protect those rights for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) delays and impacts.  Construction attorneys and litigation will be working on the questions for years to come.  However, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who may be affected directly or through ripple effects should immediately:

(1) Review all active and upcoming contracts for notice requirements and other contractual obligations to preserve rights;

(2) Submit notices and/or claims to the extent possible and within the contractual deadlines; and

(3) Document cost impacts and time impacts.

The extent of rights and what must be done to preserve them is a case-by-case analysis that will depend on the specific contract terms, project site, trade, etc.  Schwandner Law Firm LLC is a construction law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The firm is available to help contractors determine and preserve rights to additional time and compensation.