Schwandner Law Firm wins $4 million judgment against prime contractor in major construction dispute.

Schwandner Law Firm and Harrison Law Group (Towson, Maryland), on behalf of their client, Blackwood of DC, LLC, successfully litigated claims against Ellisdale Construction for breach of contract and violation of the Prompt Payment Act related to the Beacon Center project in Washington, D.C.

Blackwood, a concrete subcontractor, performed work on the project, including construction of concrete foundations, footings, walls, columns and slabs, pursuant to the terms of a written subcontract.  Ellisdale, the general contractor, refused to pay Blackwood its contract price, change orders, and claims, wrongfully alleging delay by Blackwood.  Blackwood filed three mechanic’s liens, claims on Ellisdale’s payment bonds, and a complaint with the D.C. Superior Court to protect its rights and recover its damages.  Ellisdale filed a counterclaim and after 13 days of trial, the court denied Ellisdale’s claims and found in favor of Blackwood.  The court entered a final judgment awarding Blackwood $4,000,000.